Let us be

your Life Coach

How much life insurance do you need?
What type of life insurance should you buy?
How medical conditions affect your rates?
How much income do you need to replace?
Calculating your debts?
The cost of having a baby?

These are all the great questions and the foundation of understanding how much and what kind of Life Insurance may be best for you!

However keep in mind that this is a "Moving Target" - we mean that in a good way. As you get older and your lifestyle changes, what was today the right product can tomorrow not suit your needs and the financial goals you are trying to achieve. 


In general, there are two ends of the spectrum that are really defined by age and financial responsibilities. The thought is, that as you get older your financial responsibilities tend to decrease or change and the Life Insurance product you have should reflect those changes.


Although there are exceptions, as a general rule the younger you are, the more you should be leaning towards Term Life Insurance. Term will afford you the biggest bang for you premium buck and allow you to protect family, business, etc.


While permanent products will last you through your lifetime, the premiums are higher. As we get older the thought process turns more toward "Wealth Preservation" and or "Wealth Transfer". 

A good strategy to consider is a "Hybrid Strategy", that is to say you may need more than one insurance product to suit your needs at any given stage in your life. An example of this would be to blend a Term Product with Permanent product, allowing you to safeguard your family's future and provide for retirement and or wealth transfer.    


Jeff Caseres

Web Design (webEquity Team)

Jeff Caseres.jpeg

Jeff leads our technical implementation team that is at the heart of The Equitas webEquity Insurance Marketing Platform. Jeff has a degree in Multimedia Design & Development and is proficient in HTML5, CSS3’, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premier… and the list goes on. Jeff is fluent in English and Spanish. 

Jennifer LaDell

Internal Underwriter

Jenn LaDell.jpg

With both Carrier Underwriting and MGA experience Jennifer is the source when it comes to our carrier underwriting partners.
Jennifer is one of the things that makes Equitas Brokerage Group stand out from other General Agencies, Jennifer takes the guesswork out of quoting complicated cases, which leads to better client interaction and satisfaction. More importantly, Jennifer is available to our brokers round the clock like the rest of the Equitas staff to “Make Life Happen” for your Agency.

Agnes Grenci

Support and

QA (webEquity Team)


Agnes Grenci.jpg

Agnes comes with a background in software engineering and brings a wealth of efficiency and productivity in all she takes part in. Agnes is developing skill sets within not only web development but also the insurance industry in general. Agnes is a vital part of the day to day operations in contact with clients daily and works closely with the team members to add value to the Equitas affiliated brokers and agencies. 
Agnes was with CA Technologies for over 20 years as a lead software and QA team lead. 

Monica Laurie, JD


M Laurie.jpg

With a J.D. Seton Hall University School of Law Monica heads up compliance and legal at Equitas and is a part of day to day operations. 

Monica background in finance comes from her time at ABN Amaro Bank B.V. Where she served as legal counsel. Monica is fluent in English, French, and Dutch. Monica is also responsible for Carrier and Broker reconciliation.